Simon Fisher 
Entities and exhibition of performance artefacts. 

This is an exhibition of performance artefacts, it’s about a process of making performance and how performative outcomes and processes in themselves can, in turn, render the creation of artefacts in an interesting procedural feedback loop. 
My performance making practice provides a platform for creating painting, sculpture, collage, digital still images, video performance sequences and live performance that share a commitment to presence over action and expressionism over naturalism. 
I often utilise traditional mediums such as paint, pencil, paper, canvas, scissors and glue as a starting point. The “playing “ of these simple elements allows for unexpected interrelationships to occur and sometimes initiates a process which allows a performance to make itself, to emerge from the logic established by its own making, a way towards allowing the work to have a life of its own. 
I am fascinated about how we project on ourselves outwardly and inwardly, what others project on us and what we project on others. I want to reveal our other selves, the ones we don’t know or haven’t yet met, create creatures of unknown origins or connect with our forebears so that we might better understand those qualities and energies that they have bequeathed us. 
The twelve small canvases are investigations of an ongoing project I call the Butterfly ceremony that I have derived from the predictions of the kikuyu prophet Mugo Kibiru concerning the colonisation and decolonisation of Kenya where I was born. 
They are a means of creating a range of standing butterfly ceremonial figures in projection. The video is a collage of differing stills and short sequences that I use to develop themes and materials that can then be utilised in a live context or reconfigured into new video or still material. I am quite engrossed at the moment in creating two- minute mini-movies for phones and tablets as well as creating Shadows, a performance piece about my family. 

Simon Fisher