Nechama Levendel 
Bare of Cover 

Our self is built on gathered information, analysis & translation. In today’s world, people attend to create a virtual surrounding of themselves. This work of mine is about myself about my selfie with my own & real reality.
As I was born & raised into two contradicting cultures - Yemen & Belgium, which merged by matrimony in the early 50’s in Israel (an exceptional act in those days), I was exposed to both cultures & traditions. Listening to classical music & hearing one of my grandmother singing in Yemenite. Learning of Rubens and basket weaving at the same time, those were the type of things which gave the rhythm & the poles to our life. 

Looking at an old black & white photo taken during my parents’ wedding I see both my grandfathers assimilating into a new & unfamiliar situation. They had forgotten themselves during those moments.
Most of my adult life I defined myself living in the grey zone, not taking sides but finding & realizing new realities.

My selfie seems always blurred to me, with contradiction details on its back. I analyze and brake this blurred image of me into particles, fragments & pixels, into individual information in black & white trying to touch contradictions, emphasizIng and keeping the cultural differences through my work and personal life too.

Nechama Levendel

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