Eric Hattan
Individual (Yerevan Version)

Eric Hattan does not create a new object of art, that is, he does nothing concerning the standard function of art and the artist. If we try to explain this attitude - it is the resistance towards the primary human motivation for creating, adding something new. 
What is the reason for such a posture above the resistance of creating temptation? 
The answer to this question is provided by the context which is involved in the artist’s work. Spatially, it is the object of the environment, the world of things with the confusion that is nothing but the consequence of preliminary human motivation. 
How to deal with the confusion of daily area, with everyday things that are whipped everywhere? These are the issues of Hattan. Through moving from place to place, going inside and outside, handing over and moving items in hand, moving the plastic objects (various bags), pulling them out or going inside, the artist, of course, states a man's existential anxiety. 
But beyond anything else, Hattan’s concern is “to show” something. Through these actions and movements, the artist creates installations in which things are shown in strange and unusual connection with space. Inside and outside, up and down, vertical and horizontal change their places in these layouts. Ceiling and walls become the floor, the latter and walls modify into ceilings. As if the artist creates an entire experimental laboratory of visual anthropology, where the senses of spatial orientation and visual perceptions of human being are tested. 
Even if economic consciousness and environmental ethics force the art and the artist to resist the temptation of creating, it is his duty, anyway, to take care of a person’s aspirations of seeing/noticing the extraordinary and the unique. Eric Hattan is hereby striving to uncover the grotesque image of the person who agonises because of the world he has created. 

Nazareth Karoyan