Avraham Eilat
The Work and Memory

The problem of human existence stands in the core of Avraham Eilat’s work. The indicator of the spiritual and material existence, the work and memory are paradigmatic for him. He is mapping continuously those spaces, discovering their intersections and processual overlaps. 
The space of work for Eilat is one of movement, power generation, its execution, action, from brain and muscle labour to the polar forms of social work, from the slave alienated labour to freedom of creativity, biological and social life reproduction. While the space of memory, firstly, is one of the history and memories, consequently, it is also the space of spontaneous and the oblivion, the anarchy, the chaos and the death. This is the reason that in the space of memory the artist is addressing first of all everything that comes to order and retention, structure and authority. 
All characteristic features of the matter and the media, vertical or horizontal extensions of the space, its semiotic and psychological aspects, the above and the below, the right and the left of the dimension, or the repetition and the multiplication of the elements that have acquired iconographic or allegoric signification, all these properties come together in the creation of Avraham Eilat to interweave memory and work; as a process and a result, as a routine and structure, which are designed to resist to the incessant flow of the time and the death. 

Nazareth Karoyan